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Gold may be the hottest investment in the world right now.

This yellow metal now commands more than $1,000 per ounce, and many folks are making wild predictions about how far it can run.

Yet there are many ways to invest in gold and each has its pros and cons.

Whether buying simple jewelry as a newbie or arbitraging gold markets across international borders as a hardcore trader, we’ll show you how to make it happen, ranked from the least hardcore strategy to the most.

1. Enter As A Newbie With Gold Jewelry

Jewelry is the easiest — and most common — way to buy gold around the world. Gold bracelets, necklaces and watches are easy to find, familiar to buy, and have added fashion value.

But there are numerous reasons not to invest in gold through jewelry.

First, its price is usually much higher than for pure gold, sometimes having as much as a 300% mark-up. Secondly, the value of the item comes more from the craftsmanship and adjoined pieces, like gemstones, than from the actual gold. This can make it difficult to assess a piece’s real value. Finally, your bling is easy to steal.

If you must, buy wholesale, at auction, or in countries with reduced cost. And for international buying be wary of customs tax implications.

2. Gold Coins

Coins are another easy way to invest in gold.

Some have value more from their rarity than their actual gold content, but most are solid gold and coins’ relatively small units make them far more affordable and accessible than gold bars.

Popular coins like the American Gold Eagle,Canadian Maple Leaf andSouth African Krugerrand are readily available at coin shops, sites like goldcoins.org and bulliondirect.com, and directly from the U.S. Mint.

If you go to a store, bring your cash — most coin shops don’t like credit cards or checks. And consider a home safe or your bank’s safe-deposit box as a means of keeping the collection secure.

Lastly, remember that there’s a 28% collectibles tax if you sell the coins after owning them for a year. Ouch.

3. Paper Gold

Investors can buy certificates from various trusted sources which represent direct ownership of gold kept in storage by a third party.

The upside of holding this ‘paper gold’ is that it should technically track the price of gold perfectly.

It is also more convenient than many other investments since it allows you to buy and sell gold without having to transfer physical gold.

The downside is that you need to keep the certificates very safe.

You are also generally charged a storage or transaction fee for the gold backing your certificates.

Worse yet, in an end-of-the-world scenario, you could easily have your gold holdings frozen by the government regardless of what a few pieces of paper say. It’s happened before.

4. Gold Futures

Futures allow investors to buy or sell gold without the management fees of funds, and without being subject to the potentially bad decisions of third-party managers. Of course, you’ll still be held liable for your own ideas.

They also allow investors to make leveraged bets, since as futures they are margined and you don’t need to pay the entire value of your gold exposure upfront.

5. Gold Bars

A 400 ounce gold bar is the iconic representation of owning bullion.

The pool of individually numbered bars is deep and liquid, and most bars are stored in highly-secure vaults. Traditionally, that safety is reserved for professional traders like countries or companies who can buy millions of dollars worth at a time, not individuals.

That’s changing. Capitalizing on demand for gold, select retailers are selling and buying the gold alongside kitchenware and clothes.

6. Gold Traded In Far-Flung Markets

For the truly hardcore gold trader, the world is a big place and a sucker is born every day.

There are many markets for gold that are well off-the-beaten-track. Gold is traded between people in every country around the world, sometimes on a very small scale and in hard to find places.

Just remember, the smartest guy in the room is the one earning a spread regardless of market direction.

So carry a quote-enabled phone. And maybe a gun. Which brings us next to the most necessary gold investment of all.

Blanchard and Company’s Chairman and CEO Donald Doyle is interviewed about investing in gold.


GOLD SOLD FOR USD750 on November 19, 2008, So TODAY USD950 an above.

Net Profit Sell Today: USD200 per coin, 1 oz (31.1gm)

If you have 5 coin (5 oz) x USD200 = USD1,000 / MYR3,600

The price shown is not including Rare & Scarce coin that will give more numismatic value.

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Harga Emas 24 Jam

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Harga Emas Segram (RM$)

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Retail Gold Price (October 2011)

Federation of Goldsmiths Jewellers Association of Malaysia (FGJAM)

999 Gold    :      RM200.00/gm
916 Gold    :      RM189.00/gm

835 Gold    :      RM1792.00/gm
750 Gold    :      RM155.00/gm
375 Gold    :      RM 84.00/gm

updated on 21 Oct 2011.

UOB Malaysia Gold Price

UOB Malaysia Gold Price

UOB Singapore Gold Price

UOB Singapore Gold Price

Indonesia Fine Gold Price

Logam Mulia Gold Price

Maybank Gold Saving 2009

BUY (RM/g)

Kijang Emas 2009


FRIDAY 13 Nov 2009
Size Sell  Buy
1 oz (31.1gm) 3,884 3,653
1/2 oz (15.5gm) 1,979 1,827
1/4 oz (7.77gm) 1,008 913

Public Bank Gold Saving 2009

BUY (RM/g)

Kelantan Gold Dinar 2009

SELL (1dinar)
BUY (1dinar)

Public Gold 2009

 Size PG Sell PG Buy
20gm RM 2,703 RM 2,541
50gm RM 6,726 RM 6,356
100gm RM 13,389 RM 12,720

Retail Gold Price (Nov 2009)

Federation of Goldsmiths Jewellers Association of Malaysia (FGJAM)

999 Gold    :      RM142.00/gm
916 Gold    :      RM134.00/gm

835 Gold    :      RM122.00/gm
750 Gold    :      RM110.00/gm
375 Gold    :      RM 59.00/gm

updated on 05 Nov 2009.

Retail Gold Price (Sept-Oct 09)

999 Gold    :      RM135.00/gm
916 Gold    :      RM127.00/gm

835 Gold    :      RM117.00/gm
750 Gold    :      RM105.00/gm
375 Gold    :      RM 57.00/gm

Retail Gold Price (May-Aug 09

999 Gold    :      RM130.00/gm
916 Gold    :      RM122.00/gm

835 Gold    :      RM112.00/gm
750 Gold    :      RM101.00/gm
375 Gold    :      RM 55.00/gm

Retail Gold Price (April 2009)

999 Gold    :      RM125.00/gm
916 Gold    :      RM117.00/gm

835 Gold    :      RM108.00/gm
750 Gold    :      RM 97.00/gm
375 Gold    :      RM 53.00/gm

Retail Gold Price (March 2009)

999 Gold    :      RM130.00/gm
916 Gold    :      RM122.00/gm

835 Gold    :      RM112.00/gm
750 Gold    :      RM101.00/gm
375 Gold    :      RM 55.00/gm

Kitco Gold Spot Price

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