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‘World Popular Demand Gold Coins’

  • Australia: Kaola australian-koala-2009

The Royal Australian Mint has struck coins for a number of South Pacific nations. Export coins were first struck in 1969 for New Zealand and, since then, coins have been produced for Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Western Samoa, Cook Islands, Fiji, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, Bangladesh, Israel and Tokelau. Picture shown the second issue from the Perth Mint’s Australian Koala Gold Proof Coin 2009 series, These 99.99% pure gold coins are sure to be a hit with both collector’s and investors.

  • Austria: Vienna Philharmonica philharmonic

The Austrian Mint in Vienna, whose precious metal coin history stretches back over 800 years, produces the pure gold Vienna Philharmonic, Europe’s only euro bullion coin. The Austrian Vienna Philharmonic Gold Bullion Coin was first launched in 1989 by the Austrian Mint. Through the test of time it has proven be extremely popular and, according to the World Gold Council, one of the best selling investment coins in the world. Honoring the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra — a world leading orchestra, the coin is struck in four differing sizes, and is composed of 24-karat, 99.99% pure gold. Europe’s only euro bullion coin is available in the traditional one ounce, 1/2 ounce, 1/4 ounce and 1/10 ounce weights.

  • Canada: Maple Leaf MapleLeafGoldCoin

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Bullion Coin was introduced by the Royal Canadian Mint in 1979 as an annual coin sold for investment purposes. At that time, the only one ounce gold bullion coin available was the South African Krugerrand. Gold Maple Leaf coins are internationally liquid and are easily bought and sold anywhere in the world where gold is traded. The Maple Leaf gold coin is guaranteed by the Government of Canada to contain 99.99% pure gold.

  • China: Panda 2001_panda_coin

New issues of gold Panda coins have been produced every year since their first minting in 1982. Their famous beauty and intricate design make them sought-after internationally by jewelers, investors and collectors. These charming, high-demand coins are renowned for being among the world’s most beautiful coins.

  • England: Sovereign cansov1911

Modern British Sovereigns have a long history behind them, having first been produced in 1817, towards the end of the 60-year reign of King George III (r.1760-1820). However, the very first British Sovereigns have an even more impressive history, having been first issued over 500 years ago at the beginning of England’s Tudor era, during the reign of King Henry VII (r.1485-1509). The history of the first British Sovereigns stretches back to the beginning of England’s Tudor era.

  • Mexico: 50 Peso 1947 mxg1945_50peso

Prior to 1986, when the U.S. Mint began producing American Gold Eagle coins, one of the top-selling gold bullion coins in the United States was the Mexican 50 Peso Gold Angel. The 1947 50 Peso gold coin is an official government restrike. It is a large gold coin, prized for its beauty by many collectors. Mexico’s silver and gold coins are highly collected due to the common border shared between Mexico and the United States.

  • South Africa: Krugerrand goldkrugerrand

The gold Krugerrand marked the beginning of gold bullion coins, introduced by South Africa in 1967. In the 1970s, the Krugerrand coin became the predominant method for individuals to purchase gold bullion, thanks to the weight and purity being guaranteed by a government Mint, plus the added convenience of having a legal tender gold bullion coin. The very first gold bullion coins produced in sizes of exactly one ounce.

  • United States: American Eagle american-eagle

American Eagle gold coins have rapidly become one of the leading gold bullion coin investments, following their introduction by the U.S. Mint in 1986. These coins resist the scratching and damage which can diminish resale value, because it is minted in 91.67 fine gold, which produces harder coins. The 2009 American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin version offers investors an opportunity to purchase a coin based on the value of the content of the gold contained within it. Normally, a coin’s value is derived from its limited mintage, rarity, condition and age. As part of the American Eagles collection, the content, weight and purity are guaranteed the the United States Government making them attractive as gold investment instruments.

What is a Gold Bar?

A gold bar is referred to as a gold ingot which can be bought, sold, or traded as an investment. Sometimes gold bars are also used to transport gold for manufacturing, since they are designed such that they are easy to handle. Gold’s is considered as commodity that waxes and wanes with the market, but it is felt by some people that gold is a very solid investment, since gold always has at least some value.

What are Ingots?

Chunks of metal of a precise weight and size which may be formed by pouring liquid metal into molds, or minted by cutting metal to size are referred to as Ingots. The shape of a a gold bar may be square, rectangular, round, or some other shape, although rectangular bars are most common.

Historical value of gold

Historically, there was a direct use of gold as currency, that was eventually replaced by lesser metals and papers. Some nations chose to maintain a gold standard, in that case currency was backed by reserves of gold.

However, the overall amount of money a nation could mint or print was limited by the gold standard, and in the mid-20th century many countries abandoned their gold standards.

Gold bars as a gold Investment

Due to the reason that the metal in each gold bar has inherent value, solid gold bars are perceived as a good investment . However, if a person wants to make investing in gold a truly profitable and sound investment, then he or she need to purchase a very large volume of gold bars, and this is beyond the means of many people.


Gold bars subject to manipulation

By unscrupulous individuals gold bars are also subject to manipulation, these individuals who may shave down the bar so that it weighs less than its label states, or melt down the gold and then they alloy it with a cheaper metal to create a gold bar which is less valuable.

For this reason, it is important to be careful when a person purchase gold bars, in order to make sure that the bars are pure, and that their stated weights are accurate. It is highly advised that you use the services of an assayer or metals expert is highly advised, especially when you are purchasing gold through third party sellers instead of the producers of the gold.


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where can i buy the gold coins Canada: Maple Leaf Mexico: 50 Peso 1947 China: Panda ?????and then if i have the coins where can sell the coins????

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Harga Emas 24 Jam

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Harga Emas Segram (RM$)

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Retail Gold Price (October 2011)

Federation of Goldsmiths Jewellers Association of Malaysia (FGJAM)

999 Gold    :      RM200.00/gm
916 Gold    :      RM189.00/gm

835 Gold    :      RM1792.00/gm
750 Gold    :      RM155.00/gm
375 Gold    :      RM 84.00/gm

updated on 21 Oct 2011.

UOB Malaysia Gold Price

UOB Malaysia Gold Price

UOB Singapore Gold Price

UOB Singapore Gold Price

Indonesia Fine Gold Price

Logam Mulia Gold Price

Maybank Gold Saving 2009

BUY (RM/g)

Kijang Emas 2009


FRIDAY 13 Nov 2009
Size Sell  Buy
1 oz (31.1gm) 3,884 3,653
1/2 oz (15.5gm) 1,979 1,827
1/4 oz (7.77gm) 1,008 913

Public Bank Gold Saving 2009

BUY (RM/g)

Kelantan Gold Dinar 2009

SELL (1dinar)
BUY (1dinar)

Public Gold 2009

 Size PG Sell PG Buy
20gm RM 2,703 RM 2,541
50gm RM 6,726 RM 6,356
100gm RM 13,389 RM 12,720

Retail Gold Price (Nov 2009)

Federation of Goldsmiths Jewellers Association of Malaysia (FGJAM)

999 Gold    :      RM142.00/gm
916 Gold    :      RM134.00/gm

835 Gold    :      RM122.00/gm
750 Gold    :      RM110.00/gm
375 Gold    :      RM 59.00/gm

updated on 05 Nov 2009.

Retail Gold Price (Sept-Oct 09)

999 Gold    :      RM135.00/gm
916 Gold    :      RM127.00/gm

835 Gold    :      RM117.00/gm
750 Gold    :      RM105.00/gm
375 Gold    :      RM 57.00/gm

Retail Gold Price (May-Aug 09

999 Gold    :      RM130.00/gm
916 Gold    :      RM122.00/gm

835 Gold    :      RM112.00/gm
750 Gold    :      RM101.00/gm
375 Gold    :      RM 55.00/gm

Retail Gold Price (April 2009)

999 Gold    :      RM125.00/gm
916 Gold    :      RM117.00/gm

835 Gold    :      RM108.00/gm
750 Gold    :      RM 97.00/gm
375 Gold    :      RM 53.00/gm

Retail Gold Price (March 2009)

999 Gold    :      RM130.00/gm
916 Gold    :      RM122.00/gm

835 Gold    :      RM112.00/gm
750 Gold    :      RM101.00/gm
375 Gold    :      RM 55.00/gm

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